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Selling cattle to Cactus Feeders, the world's largest privately owned cattle feeder, can help you have a consistent market for your cattle. We are in the market every day to buy high quality feeder and stocker cattle.

Long Lasting Relationships

At Cactus Feeders, we know that the cattle business is about not only cattle, but people as well. Many of our suppliers have marketed cattle directly to Cactus Feeders for years. We are interested in establishing these type of long lasting relationships with producers so that you have a consistent market for your cattle dealing with people that you know and trust.

Call Brent Caviness or Bill Hicks at 1-877-698-SELL (7355)

Selling cattle to Cactus Feeders gives you a marketing alternative that helps you realize the value of your cattle.

Let us hear from you even if you aren't interested in selling cattle for current or future delivery. We'll answer your questions and hope we do business when you do have cattle for sale.

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Cattle Selling Guidelines

Cactus Feeders typically trades cattle in a minimum of one load (50,000 pounds) lots of same-sex cattle (steers or heifers). If you have further questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-698-SELL (7355).