What we can provide

Generate additional income and build
equity in your
farming operation.

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Partner with Cactus Family Farms and you could:

  • Earn a stable, long-term income
  • Diversify your farming operation
  • Set up the next generation for success in farming

Who is Cactus Family Farms?

Cactus Family Farms headquartered in Osceola, Iowa, is the pork division of Cactus Feeders, a 100% employee-owned company. We produce over a million fed cattle and 850,000 market hogs annually.

Our mission is to feed a hungry world -- family, friends, and neighbors.

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Cactus Family Farms is the 28th largest pork producer in the U.S.

The Cactus Difference

Diverse Ag Business

Cactus Family Farms is a strong and diverse agriculture business with a reputation for doing what’s right. We are uniquely positioned to weather the volatility and uncertainty in livestock markets, especially the hog market.

30 Years Experience

We specialize in support, offering more than 30 years’ experience, guidance, and assistance with financing, permitting, construction, environmental, legal, and public relations issues.

Employee Ownership

We provide 24/7/365 access to excellent pig production training and support. You will find a live person on the phone when you call for feed ordering, pig flow scheduling and other communication with Cactus Family Farms.

What is Contract Growing?

Contract hog growing is a way to generate additional income and build equity in your farming operation without being exposed to the ups and downs of commodity hog and grain prices. A contract wean-to-finish hog growing business can generate enough income to bring a son or daughter back to the farm. It can also provide tax benefits* that may be used in the wider farming operation.

Barn Interior

Building Equity

Cactus payment rates will pay off a typical barn loan in 12 to 15 years and the facilities have a proven track record of holding their value. This builds equity quickly.

Building Equity

Get Paid Monthly

Cactus Family Farms rents pig space in industry-standard hog barns, which are owned by our contract growers. Rental payments are paid monthly for the duration of the contract.

24/7 Support

We Handle Everything

We provide the pigs, feed, vaccines, transportation and 24/7/365 support to our growers. In exchange, our contract growers care for our pigs, and maintain the facilities.

Keep the Fertilizer

Cut Fertilizer Cost

Our contract growers retain the ownership of the manure from the hog barn. They use the manure on their own cropland, or sell it to other farmers.

Schedule a confidential farm visit with Cactus Family Farms.

Our project development team has more than 30 years of experience in the pork production industry. Together, we will work through the details of adding another income stream to your farm business.