Our Purpose



Our company mission is “Feeding A Hungry World: Family, Friends, and Neighbors”. We dedicate our most critical resources to the animals in our care and the employees that care for them, with the goal of a finished product of high quality animal protein to feed hungry people. Our families are also consumers of our products. We want the best for our families and work hard each day to make sure the products we produce are safe and nutritious. Being able to share our story with our friends, neighbors, and the community is an important part of what Cactus Feeders is all about.






One of every 25 fed cattle in the US is Cactus beef.  Our mission is to feed a hungry world, starting with family, friends, and neighbors...that means making beef and pork products accessible to anyone who wants them.


Each week, 20,000 head of Cactus cattle produce 12 million pounds of boneless red meat, and 14,000 Market Hogs from Cactus produce 2.0 million pounds of Ham, Bacon, and other pork products for our families, friends, and neighbors – at 4 oz per serving, that’s over 56 million meals each week.





 Cactus Feeders defines sustainability as the industry's capacity to feed a growing population indefinitely, but we aren't just looking to sustain current production practices. We believe in growing, doing, and becoming better every day. By 2050, the global demand for food is expected increase by about 100%, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. Because global population is growing while limited land space is being allocated to resources other than food production, efficiency improving technology is needed to provide for 70% of this increase demand of this food.


Food industry advancements are the result of innovation and research, improving animal health and decreasing waste. For example, we are currently utilizing technology that reduces methane produced by the animal 20-25%, which means more resources going towards building healthy protein and less waste. According to Washington State University research, technologies such as these made it possible to produce the same amount of beef as 30 years ago with 30.1% fewer cattle. Additionally, Pork Checkoff reported in 2012 that over a span of the last fifty years, the number of pigs required to produce 1,000 pounds of pork decreased from eight to five, and this was accomplished with a 41% reduction in water usage and a 78% reduction in required land.


Modern society is dependent on modern agriculture, and modern agriculture is dependent on technological innovation. This is why sustainability to us means being forward thinking, innovative, and always looking for new ways to be one step better at feeding society safe and healthy proteins.





Cactus Feeders works hard everyday to help the animals under our care make the most of what they eat, and turn that into high quality beef and pork that is affordable for hard working middle class families.


Worldwide, three billion people are expected to enter the middle class by 2030. With a higher income comes a larger demand for higher quality food, including beef and pork – and increased demand without increases in supply means a higher price to pay at the meat counter. We aim to keep beef and pork affordable by staying up to date with the latest research and technology so that we can all have the opportunity to feed our families high quality proteins.


Withdrawing technology from US beef systems has been projected to increase total production costs by 9.1% according to Washington State University, and that cost would increase cost of beef to the consumer. In addition to technology, cattle and hogs on our facilities are consuming by-products from other industries, such as the fiber and protein left after grain harvest and ethanol production.


This is just one example of how we produce more using fewer resources and at a lower cost, so that we can be an advocate for families that desire affordable beef and pork products on their dinner tables.